Andrea haberl afd. Aufruf zum Umsturz

While you are at it, also download and read; Red Symphony, by Josif.

Cant wait for Lucy to totally twist and misinterpret what I just said Jeez, they should chain you to the server because what would everyone do if you disappeared like I do for extended never enough periods—flounder in darkness of ignorance, where is Sardonicus to bring the torch of wisdom into our benighted lives, there is this poster Lobro and we have no clue what is he about, is he bright like Sardonicus or stupid like the whole of DM commentariat—where is that nourishing ad hominem, we are starved for some spicy wickedness—Lobro never uses profanity that we crave so badly, come back—pleeezz.

A secret rendezvous was arranged late at night at a lonely site under some trees, five or six miles outside of Istanbul.

Break the silence.

And nothing else.

Anything will be changed after the next week, Germany becomes a kind of Nort Korea in Europa.

You think you are so jew wise but your iq is very low.


Only one shopping trip per week, curfews during the day and the division of apartments are planned, he says.

The fat ugly traitorous DDR commie like Gorbachev destroys Germany within.