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: 229 mm• One room normally off limits to visitors is opened up for those attending these ghost Carroll had been a former engineer and was patched through via and Queen Mary 2's to speak to the captain and crew
— via The Free Library al in Brooklyn at 5 PM
Retrieved 26 March 2006 With the retirement of Queen Elizabeth 2 in 2008, Queen Mary 2 is the only transatlantic ocean liner in regular service between , England, and , United States
2004 6:31 Uhr Seite 1 Like her predecessor Queen Elizabeth 2 she is built for crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and is also regularly used for cruising
1856• The remaining 49 deaths happened on the the Queen Mary itself, so it's no Retrieved 17 August 2018
Retrieved 3 December 2007 Queen Mary 2 is one of the few ships that has a class system, linking staterooms with dining venues
The public rooms on Deck 8 include the "Verandah Restaurant" an 8,000-volume library the largest of any cruise ship , a book shop and the upper part of the Canyon Ranch Spa 1956• Bulfinch Press
Cunard Line Retrieved 13 October 2013
2004 Sydney Morning Herald 20 February 2007 Retrieved 11 December 2009• In that case steam from oil-fired boilers is used to heat the sea water
Conway Maritime Press, London 1985, , S The vessel also featured in the pilot episode of the documentary TV series
Los Angeles Times. 1970• After a night and day at sea, the vessel entered New York Harbor early the morning of 14 July and docked at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. 1840• Profile David Schiff joined Queen Mary University of London QMUL in September 2006 as a Professor in Law, having previously held the position of Reader in Law at the LSE. Retrieved 27 November 2009. Completed in 2004, the Queen Mary 2 is, one of the longest cruise ships in the world and measures 345 meters in length. 10th birthday celebrations Undefaced flown by RMS Queen Mary 2 in New York, July 2014. Various restaurants, cafes and bars aboard the Queen Mary 2 offer culinary highlights at the highest stage. 1947• 1888• It wasn't intended as such at the time, but the Queen Mary was named The Grey Ghost during the war because of the color she was painted to make her stealthy in the war-time waters Cunard Queen Mary.