Neca figuren. NECA Alien: Covenant


There's different colors all over the body in the texture, veins and muscles and tubing all have their own colors, and there's a nice dark wash over everything to kinda wash it all out and make the figure dark.

This figure comes FULLY APPROVED.

So I thank the consumer for a great transaction thank you.


There's a useful hinge in the wrists, the legs are double jointed but the sculpt kinda hinders the upper joint, as does the sculpt hinder the legs at the hip.

His little inner jaw can slide out like it did in the movie and looks creepy.

0 out of 5 stars worth it! Sieht einfach klasse aus! it was worth every penny.

In just another month NECA will be putting out Blue and Brown Ultimate Alien Warrior action figures from Aliens and I'll be grabbing those while they're cheap, can never have enough Xenomorphs.

Overall pretty happy with the design. Having watched a number of reviews of this figure on YouTube and seeing some of the photos on here it's clear that I've got unlucky with the figure I received. my only complaint is that it was shipped in a large padded envelope and the package was pretty much crushed when I received it. We didn't get many figures from Prometheus, we've gotten a few iterations of the Xenomorph from Alien: Covenant but I'm hoping we get some other characters from the film in figure form. There is a small scuff on the clear dome I like to pretend its from a bullet grazing the head.