Brawl stars brawl talk. How to watch Aug. 21's ‘Brawl Talk' for Brawl Stars

In this article, we will look at all the announcements for the upcoming season Brawl Stars Talk is the name of the current and biggest update to come to the game
With this update, many major features such as the general interface and gameplay will be renewed Our followers who love Brawl Stars, who know this, also know when Brawl Talk will be released? See Details:• Next brawl talk date: Due to brawl pass, I think the next Brawl Talk will be on 30th October
The update has been themed around a fairy tale and is castle-esque Wizard Byron Power League exclusive — Unlocks after 30 wins• — Special Events: Special PvE and PvP game modes for a limited time
includes Frank, DJ Frank, and Piper Calavera, who are going to get new visual effects with the update Many theories have already begun to be produced about this video, which is broadcast in countries where Brawl Stars game is popular
News about the Brawl Stars game is not often featured on local game news sites Are you excited about this? Animated Pins for more brawlers will be released with the update
They have introduced only one new brawler, which is weird most of the time they introduce two new brawler in every Brawl Talk, and in this brawl talk they just gave only one Brawler Although when introducing this game mode on Brawl Talk, they kinda made a comment about the mode ending teaming
New skins and more animated pins Nine new skins will be introduced with the update Even now, Riot has a vacation, and Epic Games employees have only recently returned to work
They also said that this can replace the showdown if players like it Brawl Stars Clan changes or Updates: It was announced on Brawl Talk that they will make some changes to clans so that it might important to players to join clans
The update should appear around August 26