Master and margarita. Master i Margarita (2006)

Probably a decade since I last saw it.

Vanhellemont, Jan 14 July 1952.

The film includes a prologue which mentions Bulgakov and the other storylines.

Matthu Levi appears, and says that he has come because "He sent me" to request peace for the Master and Margarita.

The woman, who had been , murdered the child; her punishment was to wake each morning next to the handkerchief she used to smother it.

Styopa is then instantly transported thousands of miles away to Yalta.

To me 'Narzan' is 'Narzan'.

Slava petuxu! Well, my Ginsburg translation which I think I picked up yeeeaaars ago from a remainders table at a bookstore is copyright renewed 1995.

At apartment Number 50, he is confused by Koroviev and Behemoth, and beaten by Azazello.

He is paid off by Caiaphas, but is later assassinated on Pilate's orders for his role in Yeshua's death.