Picknick konzerte. Landstreicher revives picnic concerts for summer 2021

70, the concerts feature domestic acts including Meute, Lotte, Provinz, Antilopen Gang, Giant Rooks, Clueso, Bosse and Alvaro Soler, with one Provinz show, held at open-air Rinne venue in Dresden on 20 June, already sold out.

With the summer festival calendar , — which attracted — will reprise the formula throughout June, July and August 2021 with concerts in cities including Berlin, Rostock, Leipzig, Dresden, Hamburg and Cologne.

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As in 2020, fans will sit in on picnic blankets with a minimum space between household bubbles, while masks are compulsory on arrival, exit and when leaving the arena for example, to use the toilet , though not while sitting on the blanket.