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This is very practical when driving on ramps and losing speed all the sudden would be quite frustrating. A scooter fixed to your height will give you far better control over your stunt scooter as well as making it easier to perform tricks with. Also professional Stunt scooters made of heavier materials have found their place in the hearts of the youngsters. We recommend you to look at stunt scooters with ABEC-5 or higher. Manufacturers always try to achieve the highest strength and durability. The sport "freestyle" scooter sets incredibly high demands on the scooter components. Our pro scooter range houses a wide range of designs, from colourful Ridge 858 scooters to sleek Grit scooters, with options to match all tastes and personalities. Furthermore, another thing to remember is what compression system your stunt scooter needs.
We recommend that you measure the distance from your hip to your bellybutton, and pick a stunt scooter with a height somewhere in between. Weight-reduced clamp keeps the fork in line, so you have a good grip with the soft handles. Demand has led to an explosion of new scooters and a wide range of spare parts. A stunt scooter is typically not as great for transportation as a regular one. Plus, our brilliant range of can help you get fully kitted out, with grip tape, bar ends and gloves to make riding your new stunt scooter comfortable and enjoyable. When deciding upon what stunt scooter you should choose, it is important to pick one with the right size of wheels too. This stunt scooter is good in skate parks and slides with ease. A typically stunt scooter for children has 90 - 110 mm size wheels, where a stunt scooter for older children and adults often got 110 - 120 mm size wheels.

Modern features such as large aluminum wheels, deep pearly colors of the wheels and grips and additional weight-reducing cut-outs of the clamp and headtube - all features rarely seen on scooters in this class.


The full-bodied subculture has become a reality in the skater environment, and more and more demands are being made on the quality of the components.

Therefore a stunt scooter has a fixed height, which have to be adjusted to your height.

The scooter is intended for beginners and the experienced scooter rider.

The higher the number, the finer the bearing and the better the wheels spins around.

That's why you need a stunt scooter adjusted to your height.

With this setup, Story has made a scooter with a low weight and very high use-value.