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Bingo Pop• Snoopy Pop• Solitaire Showtime• Ensure your browser is up to date and you have the latest drivers through websites like 3. If you're still having problems, please try playing on another browser. Juice Jam• Frozen Freefall•. Vineyard Valley• Pop Town• Genies and Gems• Family Guy the Quest for Stuff• Mahjong City Tours• Paint Monsters• If you zoom in, you may experience technical issues. Panda Jam• Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery• Kitty City: Harvest Valley• World War Doh Please select an app. Please make sure that you're running the latest version of your game by visiting your App Store and verifying there are no available updates. Family Guy: AFMG• Panda Pop• Bingo Infinity• Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow• Sugar Smash: Book of Life• After trying these troubleshooting steps, close and reopen your browser. Emoji Blitz• If there are no updates available for your game, please try these troubleshooting steps: 1. Turn your device off and wait 10 seconds before you turn it back on.

Please clear your browser's.

Reconnect your social media accounts to your game, verifying you're using the correct account.

Turn your game and any other apps off so that they are no longer running in the background of your device.

Frozen Adventures• We recommend playing through.

Naughty Monster Story• If these steps didn't work, please try them a second time before contacting our support team.

Playing the latest version of our games ensures you'll run into as few bugs as possible.