Nord stream 2 news aktuell. Nord Stream 2 gas pipe: first flows and alternative supply routes in case of delays

Nord Stream 2 can be delayed and made more expensive, but it can't be stopped. 41 -0. Maas, meanwhile, of the law. The Nord Stream 2 link can ship 5. Ich verstehe, dass das in Deutschland eine schwierige Frage ist.
The United States worries that Russia could cut off energy supplies to Ukraine or other countries as a form of aggression more easily with the pipeline in place, as it will increase its capacity to export to the rest of Europe while cutting off "transit countries" nearer its borders The project is a security risk for Europe and should not be completed, he added
Nord Stream 2 is no exception German lawmaker Roderich Kiesewetter told DW that the US "should trust" Berlin's commitment to imposing sanctions on Russia in the event that the country uses energy as a weapon
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Russland wird dann in Belarus direkt mitmischen und vielleicht eigene Parteien schaffen However, in the past, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Ukraine and Poland, have repeatedly spoken out clearly against the pipeline project — albeit in less strident terms than Kyiv and Warsaw