Winnie heller. Marielle Heller

McKellar appeared in in the July 2005 edition of magazine after readers voted her the 1990s star they would most like to see in lingerie.

Eine Partnerin, die mit ihren Fischen spricht, ist ihm suspekt.

I doubt that someone like her could really make a career in the German police, that's why I think this series is not very realistic, but if you put that aside, this series is very entertaining, the cases are solved in a clever way and I'm really looking forward to the next installment.

Her first kiss was with Fred Savage in an episode of The Wonder Years.

Her father is from a Jewish family in New York.

The film also won the Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus at the in 2015.

She plays the cello in the beginning of the video She teamed up again with Archer Gray, who she first worked with on Diary
In 2008, she starred in , a original movie about searching for alien life on Earth and in 2009 she was one of the stars commenting on the occurrences of the new millennium in 's I Love the New Millennium and was the math correspondent for , a program by the about technology They had their first child, a son named Draco, in 2010
Winnie Heller gespielt von Lisa Wagner ist Nachwuchskommissarin im Wiesbadener Morddezernat — jung, engagiert und sehr eigenwillig McKellar filed for divorce from Verta in June 2012
Mit ihrem neuen Kollegen Hendrik Verhoeven Hans-Jochen Wagner im Wiesbadener Morddezernat befindet Sie sich zunächst nicht auf einer Wellenlänge Her brother-in-law, , is the lead singer of the band , and her father-in-law, , is a theater director
She is the current voice of Judy Jetson from since 2017 following 's death in 2016 New York: Hudson Street Press