Only the brave louis tomlinson. ONLY THE BRAVE

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The themes of the album range from relationships and family to the folly of Tomlinson's youth and days of self-doubt, go back to his 1D days, recall relationship ups and downs and relate the life lessons learnt on the way to his present life.

There are the foundations here for a rewarding future.

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He is now much braver and standing his ground, just as he did with executives to protect the band and now his solo career direction.

He will always need Harry to be in front of him to lead the way, even though he is slowly becoming his own person.

Lyrically Tomlinson took his inspiration from acts like , , and.

I found it hard to look that far ahead.

Pour mercy, mercy on me Set fire to history I'm breakin' my own rules I'm cryin' like a fool Tall stories on the page Short glories on the fade I been close enough to touch But I never cared for love It's a church of burnt romances And I'm too far gone to pray It's a solo song And it's only for the brave If the truth tell, darling, you'd feel Like there ain't enough dying stars in your sky It's a tall tale And it's only hello, hello, no goodbye goodbye Pour mercy, mercy on me I'll fall upon my knees And they'll say: I told you so Come on, when you know, you know All the lonely shadow dances From the cradle to the grave It's a solo song And it's only for the brave.


The album also charted in several countries and reached number one in Mexico, Scotland and Portugal.

Perhaps it made him feel some control to make up for his lack of confidence.

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In interviews, Louis often was indecisive in his answers and waited for the others to give their answers first.

Whether it was romantic is up for debate.

And cohesively the narrator seems to understand that, at least for the time being, even if he has met a lady who makes his heart jump, i.

He may be looking back on what he loved — both the history he helped make and the one that shaped him — before rebuilding something new.

Harry has that affect on many people… just as Michael Jackson did.

He grapples with love and chooses to go solo.

And in that regard, the singer seems to acknowledge the high potential of hearts, including his own, being broken in the name of love.

Harry is a habit that he has a hard time breaking.

At release, the album sold 35,000 units.

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In other songs he wants to be loved.

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