Der hobbit. Der Hobbit (January 1, 2001 edition)

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Character and place names derived from common English usage tend to be rendered into Japanese, while those invented by Tolkien or difficult to translate are often directly into spellings warnerbros
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llTENs : Surely you must realize that your success has made you some bitter enemies
braUdM Contains both maps with place-names in Belarusian, based on the Belomlinskij Russian maps
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kHvagc a svg According to Rankin, the visual style of the film took its basic cue from the early illustrations of
7rem;width:0 Uses the Belomlinskij illustrations from the Rakhmanova Russian edition
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But nevertheless, it features good animation, solid voicework and music that is FAR MORE fantasy-like than the more majestic approach in Peter Jackson's movies subnavDropdown button
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