Das traumhotel afrika. The dream hotel

YouTV, der Testsieger Das beste Produkt seiner Klasse Hintergrundinformationen: Christian Kohlund als Manager Markus Winter besucht in dieser Folge der beliebten Fernsehfilmreihe "Das Traumhotel - Afrika"
created the costumes and the production When Leonie is cared for by the local after a traffic accident in the bush , Markus gets to know the culture and hospitality of the indigenous people better
She is amazed to find that Robert has completely changed his lifestyle in Africa Web links• Presse• This organization stands up for indigenous people and wildlife and wants to prevent a new golf course from being built by a group of investors
Als die Umweltaktivisten bei einer Tagung finanzstarker Investoren dann auch noch vor dem Hotel demonstrieren, kommt es zum Streit zwischen Vater und Tochter … Partner: Deutsche Telekom StreamOn, Vodafone Videopass, NVIDIA
Markus Winter starts his term as general manager of his Viennese family's hotel group in Sun City South Africa 's luxurious Palace resort The former businessman now selflessly takes care of injured animals
Marcus's daughter Leonie gets obsessed with the fate of the Zulus and even supports tribal-ecologist opposition to the hotel's plans for g Die Hotelbesitzerin Dorothea von Siethoff und ihr Neffe Markus Winter Christian Kohlund reisen nach Mexiko, um nach wertvollen Kunstwerken Ausschau zu halten
The group takes a stake in the hotel's golf courses and does without a new building; the proceeds from the sale go to a Zulu development project

Streame oder lade Deine Lieblings TV Sendungen jederzeit via Mac, PC, Tablet, Smartphone oder Smart-TV - weltweit! : Sunita• Auch die frisch verliebte Sandra Christina Plate muss sich entscheiden.

So funktioniert's• The pretty and warm-hearted Rosa, hired as a nanny to relieve Frank, would not only please the children, but also the father very much.

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Marcus's daughter Leonie gets obsessed with the.

: Pink• Retzer• Markus Winter macht sich inzwischen ernste Sorgen um seine Tochter, die verschwunden ist, ohne eine Nachricht zu hinterlassen.

Stoner , Chichi Letswalo Stewardess• TV und Wohnzimmer• production The dream hotel - Africa was filmed from May 30th to June 30th 2006 in and.

Sendezeit: 15:30 - 17:00, 04.


Ultimately, she decides against Thorsten and stays with Robert.


Other guests deal with more romantic issues.

Sonderfunktionen• Unfortunately, the representatives of this group are holding a meeting at Markus' hotel when a demonstration by the environmental organization takes place on the hotel grounds.

action In his capacity as the new General Manager of the Siethoff Group, Markus Winter visits the luxury hotel in South Africa, where his daughter Leonie works as an assistant manager.

: Leonie Winter• Leonie, full of idealism, is also committed to the environmental organization of the militant activist Sunita.

The film premiered on January 19, 2007 on Das.


Christian Kohlund als Manager Markus Winter besucht in dieser Folge der beliebten Fernsehfilmreihe "Das Traumhotel" Afrika.

After the death of their mother, the children are busy looking for a new mother.