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There are marketing email scams that claim to have attendee or exhibitor information. Medical institutions• General managers, directors, CFOs, administrative managers, hospital and clinic purchasing managers and industry organisations• Back to Business. , Ltd. Planners and builders• Regular attendees can visit in person from November 15th until November 18th 2021 with thorough protective measures put in place. Fire, catastrophe and environmental protection officers• PROTaction Download the mobile trade fair companion for Smartphone and Tablet now. Brain-inspired electronics are the subject of intense research.
Software, IT and services related to the industry• The country relies on deliveries from abroad in the medical technology sector, which last year saw growth in double figures again for the first time. If you want to keep up with it all and find better footing in the industry, head to MEDICA — a major international trade fair that is rightly defined as the heart of the medical industry in the world. Innerhalb kurzer Zeit erhalten Sie so Ihre individuell angefertigten Bleaching-Schienen samt Bleaching-Gel. What Are People Saying? Using artificial intelligence AI , researchers from UT Southwestern have developed a way to accurately predict which skin cancers are highly metastatic. Visitors can take part in up to 35 series of events with over 300 speakers from research and practice, politics and administration — face-to-face or digitally. Clinical laboratories, supplies and endowment• Municipal and plant fire brigades• Their work reports that devices made of a single layer of water transporting ions within graphene nanoslits have the same transmission capacity as a neuron. Therefore, at an early stage in the development of new medicines, candidate substances are tested in the Petri dish on embryonic stem cells from mouse cell lines. In this regard, flexible pressure sensors that are simple, lightweight, and low-cost, have garnered considerable attention.